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By becoming a member of the Platform and/or receiving services from our Applications within the Platform, you irrevocably agree and declare that you have read the user agreement, understood its content, accepted and approved its terms. Provisions and articles in this contract can be changed at any time by the legislation or with the unilateral will of Holacon.


Holacon: BMK Software and Digital Solutions Consultancy Ltd. Şti. Refers to the name of all applications of the event management system.

Platform: Refers to all of Holacon's web and mobile applications used for event planners and attendees.

Holacon System: It refers to all event registration, ticket sales, voucher, account, content, transfer, accommodation, abstract management systems, access control, desk, other auxiliary applications, modules and platforms that Holacon is currently using and will start using in the future.

Ideas: Refers to the concepts and ideas developed by Holacon for the planning of the Platform to be established by Holacon and to be developed later.

Registration System: Refers to the network of Holacon's existing sales and distribution channels, including the internet, digital advertising, mobile application, registration form, and similar sales and distribution channels to be added later.

Ticket: It is a right acquired for a fee or free of charge that documents the Participants' right to participate in the Events and is communicated to the participants together with the Voucher.

 Voucher: means the digital code produced by the Platform and sent to the Participants via text message, e-mail attachment (PDF), printed paper and other expandable methods, used for control purposes, and vouchers to be distributed to the users who purchased Tickets does.

Participant: Refers to the real and legal persons who are willing to buy tickets for personal use without any commercial purpose for all activities that are the subject of this Agreement.

Organizer: Refers to legal or natural persons who subscribe to the Holacon Platform and publish events.

Event: T.C. It refers to all kinds of cultural, sportive and educational activities to be organized by the laws, such as exhibitions, conferences, congresses, concerts, training, meetings, fairs, and not limited to these.

Personal Data: It refers to the personal information provided by the Participants and Organizers during their Ticket purchase and membership transactions using the Holacon System. Besides, it refers to the Participant data obtained through the use of any kind of questionnaire, voting, social hub, messaging etc. modules published in the contents of the events, and the data that the participant will enter into the profile created by the mobile application, which is obtained by special questions to be added during the registration phase for the events to be organized by the Organizer.

Ticket Cost: Refers to the gross price determined by the organizers for the event that they intend to collect. (Including all applicable state and municipal taxes)

Participation Package: Represents the scope issues that classify the participants determined by the organizers for the event and inform the participants when and under what conditions they will provide the products and rights that are subject to a certain fee.

Service Fee: Refers to the transaction amount that will be deducted by calculating the pre-determined transaction costs from the pre-loaded Credit amount in the Organizer's account in return for the service provided by Holacon.

Credit: It is the sum of the balances representing the wallet of the Organizer, where the pre-determined amounts are deducted from the pre-loaded balance for all services that can be purchased through the Holacon Platform.

Transaction Fee: Refers to the fee that will be deducted from the Organizer's Credit account after the Ticket purchase due to the participants' use of the Holacon system.

User: It refers to the membership system, which is a part of the Platform, where it reaches the membership status after registration by downloading the Holacon Mobile Application and filling in the personal login information and then accessing the activities.

Admin User: It refers to all users who can log into the Holacon Admin App, can be authorized for activities, account holder or staff. These users are kept in the Holacon Admin User database and are independent of the Mobile Application users.

White-Label Mobile Application: Refers to the mobile applications connected to the Holacon platform, which the Organizer demands from Holacon for a certain fee and has a renewal license fee every year, and which is published by changing the brand and corporate identity of the Holacon Mobile application. User data of White-Label Mobile Applications are kept in a separate database specific to the relevant Organizer and separated from the Holacon User database.

Self-Hosted Database: Be the Organizer from Holacon

It refers to the database belonging to the company's own accounts, where the Event and Participant data of the Holacon Manager Application and the White-Label mobile Application are hosted, which is requested for a certain fee and is a renewal license fee every year. The organizer is responsible for the security and payments of this database. It accepts and undertakes that the data in it will not be manipulated manually. The Organizers acknowledge and undertake that if these rules are not followed, their membership will be cancelled unconditionally and without refund, and that Holacon's losses and damages will be covered by the Organizer.

Ready Payment Infrastructure: Holacon refers to all of the virtual pos, common payment infrastructures and money transfer/eft bank information shared by the Organizer so that Participants can buy Tickets to paid Events. The provider of these infrastructures is Mobilexpress and it is only available as an intermediary service in Holacon. Holacon provides the payment tool linked to the Event Registration Form, which is the payment channel in ticket sales, as a system offered to the Organizer company using the Mobilexpress infrastructure. Payments received are not subject to Holacon official accounts, it only provides the infrastructure for an exchange between the Participant and the Organizer. Holacon has no responsibility in resolving all disputes that may arise as a result of this exchange. Payment, remittance, etc. of Organizer and Exhibitor Holacon. It accepts and undertakes that it has no responsibility for disputes, cancellations and refunds that may arise in the matters and that Holacon cannot be sanctioned under any circumstances.

Venue: Refers to the location where the event will be held by the Organizer.

Desk: Refers to the central toll booths that are run to make sales at the venue.

Registration Desk: In the venue where the events will be held, tickets are sold and ready data, neck strap and event ID cards are given to the participants when entering the event area, and systems that contain many parts such as recording computers, card printers, code readers, network equipment. express.

Access Control Systems: It refers to the systems that are provided with a special request, which checks the validity of the ticket and whether it is authorized to enter the lower positions in the Event Venue by reading the codes on the event ID cards attached to the lanyards at the entrance of the participants to the event areas with a mobile phone, hand terminal or turnstile systems.

Onsite Services: It refers to all of the services that are provided on-site at the venue where the events will take place, covering subjects such as Personnel, Registry Support Equipment, Access Control System Equipment. When the Organizer creates a special request to benefit from Onsite Services, he accepts and undertakes that he will provide uninterrupted and fast internet infrastructure to the Holacon technical team at the event venue.


Holacon of sports activities in Turkey, concerts, business meetings, conventions, conferences, trade fairs, cinema impressions, and other activities is a system that provides infrastructure services to the ticket sales with translation Platform and event management for organizations regulate. The organizers, the Republic of Turkey in the framework of the laws of the Republic of Turkey agree to allow culturally, sporting, education, business, exhibitions and leisure activities regulating, facilitating and organizing a natural or legal person. The subject of this Agreement is to make use of Holacon's Registration System and Manager Applications for ticket sales, content management, planning and organizing of the Events to be organized by the Organizer and to regulate the conditions of the Participants to buy / register tickets and benefit from onsite services using the Holacon platform.


Site usage agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), the terms of use of the site and the terms of use of the site between BMK Yazılım ve Dijital Çözümler Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi (shortly "Holacon") and the Participant who made the Ticket purchase / Registration transaction, and between Holacon and the Organizer. It has been arranged to regulate the rights and obligations of the company and it has been concluded between the parties on Holacon's internet Platforms when the relevant box for the approval of the Organizer and/or Participant is ticked and the transaction is made. As a member of the Platform, the Exhibitor and the Organizer hereby irrevocably accept, declare and undertake that they have read the entire Holacon User Agreement, fully understood its content and approved all of its provisions. The Organizer is also a party to the usage contract and can also be a User. The person organizing the event in Holacon can briefly take place as "Organizer" in this contract. "Organizer" irrevocably accepts that it has read the entire User Agreement, understood its content in its entirety and approved all of its provisions.