If you have a transfer organization for your event, you can easily manage the process thanks to Transfer Management. You can assign the people who will be transferred and enter vehicle details and follow up.

Manage Your Transfers Fast and Easy

Let's say our participants were ready, waiting for us and all the details were organized. Time for organizing their transfer. But the agenda of the guests are constantly changing and their transfers are updated again and again in this direction. Follow up is getting harder, the possibility of making mistakes increases. Thanks to the Holacon transfer management module, you can manage your transfer processes with zero error.

 Enter Your Vehicles, Automatically Place Your Participants

Transfer Management helps you manage the transfer processes of your participants and guests easily and practically. You can create your vehicles with detailed information such as license plate and driver information, vehicle brand and model, capacity thanks to the system. You can create routes for these vehicles, including the departure point and destination point. You can specify the times and departure point where the people will be got on each route. After creating all this information, information will be shared with participants to end the phone call traffic. Any changes made in transfer will be shared with driver and transfer company via e-mail or notification simultaneously.

Your Ticketed Transfers are also at Holacon!

No need to be lost in your mailbox, or hours of negotiations with agents! Holacon manages your transportation and transfer details for all your airline, highway, rail and sea ticket sales.

Create Your Shuttles Services 

You may have organized ring or shuttle services in the place where you organize an event. You can create your shuttle services by specifying the features such as departure and arrival times and period time, plate, brand model, color, capacity, and you can notify your participants where and how to get access to these vehicles. Participant can see the times of services and use the shuttle services thanks to this.


There Are So Many Reasons to Use Holacon! Holacon has a rich content that includes all the functions that you may need from the planning stage to the operation and the final phase. Holacon don't forget the completed events, and archive them for you...