Which participant will sit at which table? How is the order of seating? How will the continuously updated and changing order seating be managed without error? Thanks to the Holacon Order of Seating Planner module, the current status is at your hand!

Leave Aside Complex Lists!

There is a solution for every problem in Holacon. Planning the order of seating in all scales and categories from crowded congresses to wedding organizations and operating those manually are challenging process. The Order of Seating Planner Module removes the possibility of making mistakes in a frequently changing seating arrangement while helping you from the effort of placing hundreds of participants in long lists. You can enter details such as table order, the number of chairs, seating types, numbers etc. and keep follow up of the latest status by constantly updating.

Create Your Order of Seating, Start the Placement

Thanks to the Order of Seating Planner Module, you can create your place, select tables, and seating arrangements, and place your participants by designating them. Moreover, you don't need to edit, keep the lists and make an additional effort in drawing programs. Place your tables in the field and place your participants who automatically come from your lists to these tables. Afterward, all you have to do is to query the participant from the mobile application or manager application and direct it to the seat. You can create places in different or same locations depending upon the course of events and you can set more than one order of seating in these places. For example, when you click on " create 20 piece banquette order of seating for 12 people" for "Ball Room", Holacon creates this with just 2 clicks for you. Then you can commence placing your guests. You can find the order of seating where your guest will take sit with one touch through searching feature that can only be accessed by event duty holder in mobile application by reading the QR code from the name and surname of the guests and ID of participants or writing it manually. Therefore, you don't make your guests wait by looking for names from long lists and you can prevent long queues in entrances.


There Are So Many Reasons to Use Holacon! Holacon has a rich content that includes all the functions that you may need from the planning stage to the operation and the final phase. Holacon don't forget the completed events, and archive them for you...