What's our last guest number? Have promotion numbers been updated? Will it be done till deadline? Where will it be distributed? To whom? Let Holacon tell you!

Your Promotions are Under Your Control

Although the distribution of promotions seems to be a small part of the event process, its provision and distribution is a laborious task. The most critical issues are: to reach the right people and to know which promotion is taken by whom at the end of the day.  Promotion Tracking module saves you from all these complexities.

Keep your Distribution Data, Get Detailed Reports

You can create your promotional details by entering the information such as the number, type, description etc. of your promotions via the Promotion Tracking Module. You can follow up of the stock status instantly, and you can register who the promotions are given. Holacon keeps a detailed registration of the guests who received promotion and helps you to access and keep these lists at any time. You do not face with situations such as loss, lack of stock or more.

Identification badge of a guest is scanned via mobile application during the distribution process and his/her promotion is handed over. Thus, while stocks are kept in check, the data of your guests who have promotion is also registered. How many promotions distributed? Who was it given to? How many promotions which remain do we have?  You can simultaneously follow up the distribution of profiles of guests interested in promotions and other similar information and share them with your partners and business partners in one click.


There Are So Many Reasons to Use Holacon! Holacon has a rich content that includes all the functions that you may need from the planning stage to the operation and the final phase. Holacon don't forget the completed events, and archive them for you...