Event details are ready, now it's time to manage the guests... Event Registration Module allows you to create a new registration for your event, to query the register, and to view the current status of all your guests instantly.

Fast and Smooth Registration Management

Event Registration Module allows you to create a new registration for your event, to query the register, and to view the current status of all your guests instantly. Do you have unannounced or last-minute guests? It's not a problem! With the module we have developed, you can register your last-minute participants during the event and provide his/her safely access.

Holacon organizes your event registrations before the event and avoids any possible mistakes. Holacon organizes your event registrations prior to the event and prevents errors. You can create a custom list of your event by transferring your existing guest lists to the event you create. You can create your own latest registration list through e-invitation sending, feedbacks from e-invitations, participations resulting from RSVP calls and online registrations. You can easily register the incoming guests by using registration system and you can find the net participant number through check-in system during the event. Each online incoming registration gets your approval and then it is added to participants. You can formalize the guest profile within the context you want through online registration system.

All Participants are " Special" with Participant Codes

The Event Registration module saves your time in event and minimizes the possibility of mistakes. The participation code only to his / her name is being generated for each participant; thus easy, error-free access controls are provided. Special participant codes give spot-on search results; allows you to redirect your guests to the event area.

No More Complications in the Event Registration Desk

On the day of the event, during registration, you can search for the relevant person with telephone number, name, invitation number etc. and confirm the registration instantly. Your participant can enter the area taking the identification badge. You can view your guest list, sending online invitations, to call status of RSVP, attendance response etc. with details, you can receive the current reports of the communication process that you had with your participants.

Create Your Own Participation Packages

You can create paid participation packages via Holacon and make sales on your website. You can organize package categories, pricing and content as you wish. Thanks to the payment system integration(soon), you can make sales and get detailed reports.

Manage the Invitation Requests

The Holacon registration system has two types of registration status, "Guests with Special Invitation" and "Public". People may request an invitation to participate in events that are organized as "Guests with Special Invitation". When the invitation request moved into the system, you can access the profile of person upon your request and you can allow that person to register at the click of a button.


There Are So Many Reasons to Use Holacon! Holacon has a rich content that includes all the functions that you may need from the planning stage to the operation and the final phase. Holacon don't forget the completed events, and archive them for you...