You can easily create your event in minutes, with the Holacon Content Management module. You can easily enter name, dates, location, languages, organizer organizations, sponsors, event logo, and descriptions of your event, and customize it to suit your corporate identity.

Quick and Easy Event Creating

Holacon saves you from long event planning processes, while it is offering you the opportunity to create your event in just a few steps. You can easily enter name, dates, location, languages, organizer organizations, sponsors, event logo, and descriptions of your event, and customize it to suit your corporate identity.

Publish Your Speakers

You can easily enter the all information of event speakers through Holacon, you can publish them according to apparent participation situation. You can create details such as biography, social media links etc. for your speakers so you can give detailed information of speakers to your participants prior to the event.

Share Your Detailed Program Flow

Holacon makes it easy to create, update and revise your event program with all the details until the day of the event. You can create your program by adding every detail such as start-end times and breaks of your program. Furthermore, all changes are automatically updated instantly on the event website and mobile application. 

Create a Perfect Process with Your Sponsors and Partners

Holacon allows you to manage your sponsors easily and get a compatible co-operation. You can easily add the names, logos, images of your sponsors, give link, take your special notes and share them with your sponsors. Your sponsors are hierarchically published on the website and on the mobile application at any time you want. You can perform and manage your changes according to revises and comments you get. You can automatically perform the sizing process by giving the unit values to logo sizes thanks to the categorization system.

Create Your Paid Participation Packages and Start Sales

If you arrange a paid event, you can easily create your participation packages via Holacon and receive payments online via website(not available) and you can get payments via remittance. You can classify your packages by their content and extent and perform separate processes for each package. At the same time, Holacon allows you to follow your sales by displaying your instant sale reports and incomes.

Google Analytics Integration

Holacon allows you to follow your event website and get website analysis with Google Analytics integration. You can instantly follow the traffic of the website and you can steer the digital marketing strategy of your event.

Your Event Website and Mobile App is Ready!

With Holacon, the website and mobile of your event is no longer a separate cost and an extra item for you, it is offered as an essential part of your event.

Holacon automatically creates the website and mobile application site of your event and publishes it at any time in accordance with all the details you have entered in relation to your event. Besides, you don't need to pay any additional cost and give effort. You have the chance to edit and update your web site at any time while saving from everlasting and overcosting software development processes for your specific website software and mobile application. And easily! Every update and revision of your event is published simultaneously.

What Happens When the Event is Finished?

Holacon archives every work, list, data, and duty of yours as long as you allow, and allows you to access the retrospective data at any time. Until you delete them!

You can access reports, data, documents, and lists of past events at any time. You can compare the performance of your events and measure your achievement easily.


There Are So Many Reasons to Use Holacon! Holacon has a rich content that includes all the functions that you may need from the planning stage to the operation and the final phase. Holacon don't forget the completed events, and archive them for you...