In the success of the Event Management, good planning, correct preliminary vision, a harmonious teamwork and proper use of resources are key elements. However, although you have a well-organized and planned event process, it is inevitable that you will face many unforeseen and sudden problems. The solution is to find a quick solution for the problems and take immediate action.


The idea of "the more flexible the budget of our event is, the more successful we are..." is actually wrong. No doubt, the budget allows us to easily reach many sources, improve our effectiveness without limiting our creativity.  But the key element here is not the high budget, but managing the budget well.  budgets that are not planned well prevent us from anticipating extra costs in management processes; however, when the process is completed, we realize how much we've surpassed the planned budget.  It is important to investigate our sources of event, to create an estimated table and to inform the team in this direction. The predictable and extra costs should always be planned in advance and added to the work plan.

Holacon provides you to keep, analyze and report all these items in the planning phase of your event and in the process of operation. Thanks to Holacon's instant and regular indicators, you can always check your status, update your plan, and easily anticipate the costs with your team.


Although you try to carry out your event operation with great care, you come across the small details in this stressful process. Although it may seem small, we could not be able to detect these problems, which may have a much greater impact on the event. That's where the big stress starts at this point...

Good task management and Follow up allows you to see every detail and not lose control even in the most urgent and cramped situations. And without having to put the whole load on you. At the beginning of the process, if you extract clearly who is responsible for what task in your team, what they must be done in what situations, troubles and details are solved with a minimum error and the process is completed successfully.

First, complete the risk assessment of your event and identify areas where the changes are most likely to occur. Create a detailed event plan that explains what to do and when and by whom. And then, make sure that you and your team understand the entire plan and are ready.

Of course, all this process requires managing extra time and planning on it.   That's where Holacon's rush to help for you.

Holacon allows you to create your team and assign tasks with Task Management and Team Management modules. Moreover, you can rate tasks according to the deadline and urgency and you can inform your team. You can instantly see who is on which task, which ones are complete, assign new tasks and get detailed reports. Holacon works to reduce your chances of error to zero!


The more guests you get, the more your responsibility increases.

At the end of the day, our main goal is to provide participants with a flawless and impressive experience; therefore, the slightest problem could have a negative impact on them thus it can cause great damage to the image of our event. Personalized invitations transferring, purchase of attendance packages, seating arrangements, participant identification codes, transfer, and accommodation are waiting for you to successfully manage a stressful process.

You can minimize the negativity by keeping your participants in a certain order, grouping and instant follow-up. A careful Follow-up and order will prevent you from getting lost in details.

Holacon offers you much more. Holacon allows you to create your invite lists, manage requests, send automatic invitations and e-mails, perform instant status checks and changes. The online RSVP system allows you to get instant attendance response from your guests and get rid of the burden of RSVP processes. Transfer and accommodation modules help you manage all these processes without errors. Personally generated participant codes allow each participant to feel privileged and to safely manage entry-exit controls in the event areas.


Whether you're an event agency or you work in the relevant department of your company, you work with many different suppliers in each of your events. Maintaining follow-up and communication among suppliers, informing all suppliers in every new revision, and Follow the production of equipment and materials is a stressful process. The most important point here is that your suppliers will understand your expectations, and your needs in the best way and you can transfer them in the best way as well.  The compliance and discipline you obtained with your suppliers will help you complete your event with minimal error.

Holacon allows you to manage and follow up all steps from the production stage to the installation stage. You can easily intervene and share with your suppliers in necessary and emergency situations.  Moreover, you can easily create a settlement plan for your equipment and materials and get the last minute changes immediately.

Good team, good planning and discipline are key elements of event management and minimum error and success. Holacon offers all the modules you need under all these key elements and will lead you to success; stress-free, zero error helps you complete your events.

Why would your events be incomplete while the whole world is digitized?

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