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A Seamless Live Event Experience

Holacon Live Event Experience allows you to perform interactive, customizable and enjoyable events in the online world.

Create and start managing your event easily just in minutes, thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

How it works


Enter the details of your event, prepare your special page in the mobile application.


Publish your customizable registration forms and participation packages.


Send e-invitations; take records from the online registration system; send voucher.


All your registrations are completely ready for card printing and access control system!

Get Ready for a Perfect and Real Event Experience on Online Platform!

Customize your event as you wish in the virtual world with Holacon Live Event Experience. Easily create your event in a few minutes thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

Reception & Modules | meta-title

Customizable Events

Tens of modules in one place. It's up to you to customize as you wish!


Create a cool entrance for your event, welcome your guests!

Quick Access from a Single Place

Everything is under your control at all times with its easy-to-use interface and fast infrastructure!

Sessions & Sub Events | meta-title

Interactive Sessions

Kaliteli yayın akışı ve güçlü altyapı ile binlerce katılımcıya kesintisiz bir yayın yapabilir, eş zamanlı birden fazla yayın odaları oluşturabilirsiniz.

Dynamic Moderation

You can create separate rules for your sub events, you can register and sell separately.

Session Rating

Sadece tek bir ekrandan tüm canlı yayını, sahneyi, katılımcı ve konuşmacılarınızı anlık olarak yönetebilirsiniz

Interaction-Based Features | meta-title

Live Voting & Surveys

Sosyal akış alanları aracılığı ile katılımcılarınızın etkinlik ile sürdürülebilir etkileşimde bulunmasına olanak sağlayın.

Ask Speaker

Your participants can ask speakers and moderators through a wall and get instant answers.

Creating Agenda

Your participants can add your event to their calendar and create their own favorite sessions and agendas.

Networking System | meta-title

Interview Rooms

You can create private meeting rooms where your participants can come together.


Participants can develop their networks, meet new people and develop business partnerships thanks to one-on-one live meetings, messaging and appointment system.

Uninterrupted Communication

Thanks to its strong infrastructure that allows uninterrupted communication, participants can make seamless presentations, interviews and experiences.

Foyer Areas | meta-title

Stand Pages

You can create customizable stand pages and foyer areas.

Media Gallery

You can add custom panoramic 3D photos, videos, links and forms to each stand area and create one-to-one meeting rooms.


You can instantly track the total number of participants visiting the stands and get detailed reports.

Dynamic Registration & Sales System | meta-title

Customizable Registration Form

You can customized registration forms for each of your events and publish on any 3rd party channels, such as websites and mobile applications etc.

Participation Packages

You can create multiple and different types of pricing and participation packages and tickets and sell.

Customizable Widgets

You can create special widgets such as event agenda, sponsors, speakers and publish on any website or event mobile application.

Trustworthy technology solution
of events .

Many valuable events ranging from summits, congresses, launches to festivals have been realized using the 'Holacon Event Management System'. Every day, a new one is added to the activities that we are very happy to support.

  • Brand Week Summit 2019

All the Needs for Your Events Are Now on a Single Platform.

Holacon offers an end-to-end solution with its strong and flexible infrastructure for events of all sizes, from small meetings to big and challenging events with thousands of people attending. Every solution you need is available at Holacon.

    Download the app now.

    Holacon App allows your participants to have interactive experiences, access the networking environment and be fully involved in your event. The result is memorable, unforgettable events to be mentioned for a long time!

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    • We have been working to shed light on the future with sustainable business models for more than 10 years. Participant experience is very important for us in our conferences where we bring together many stakeholders. Thanks to Holacon, the participants have a privileged experience from the first moment at the registration desk. The most important reason why we are preferred is that we can manage all operations through one screen.

      Sustainability Academy

      Sustainability Academy -

    • Before we started using Holacon, we used to have congestion at the registration desk in our activities. Thanks to Holacon, this congestion has disappeared and the modules in the system have provided many conveniences to our club in the event registrations. Thank you Holacon!

      Mertcan Alganoğlu

      Mertcan Alganoğlu Marmara Industrial Engineering Society (MieS)

    • Holacon is a rapidly evolving event management software in the world of event management. While reducing the costs, it manages to make the digital world speak with the physical world easily. While it significantly simplifies the workload and data management, it makes the complex structure of instant communication with the business delegation and the target audience traceable and manageable. This platform, which will inevitably be used by both operating teams and consumers in the future, is both exciting and financially accessible.

      Tayfun Koca

      Tayfun Koca Event Manager, Eventmania

    • Holacon is a software developed to maximize ease of use in all aspects, but at the same time, it is very comprehensive, equipped and systematic. It is a platform where all sort of data details are considered and presented for the event and event details, and it is user-friendly at the maximum level. It also includes improvements that allow ease for reporting by resource usage that enables statistical analysis and interface details.

      Rozda Çürükoğlu

      Rozda Çürükoğlu Event Specialist, Kapital Medya

    • Before we started using Holacon, we used to have congestion at the registration desk in our activities. Thanks to Holacon, this congestion has disappeared and the modules in the system have provided many conveniences to our club in the event registrations. Thank you Holacon!

      Mertcan Alganoğlu

      Mertcan Alganoğlu Marmara Industrial Engineering Society (MieS)

    • Holacon has many aspects that have made our job easier. It has been very efficient for us that the data of our participants and the hotels where they will stay are easily accessible.

      Ece Cicioğlu

      Ece Cicioğlu Bilkent University, Operational Research Club

    Why Holacon?

    There are many reasons to perform your events using Holacon infrastructure.

    Thanks to its advanced user experience, it provides fast and practical use while easing your workload.

    Thanks to its technological infrastructure, millions of records are processed quickly and effectively.

    It offers all the software and digital needs of events in one place.

    It is able to solve problems under flexible and complex operating conditions.

    It creates an "event memory". It contributes to event planning and marketing.

    No extra support for installation, technical configuration, infrastructure support, etc. is required.

    Don't forget to follow our blog posts.

    The latest news about technological developments, domestic and international seminars, congresses, summits and all other events and innovations are on the Holacon Blog.

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