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Plan your event in just a few minutes, create its contents and publish it. Now your event is literally in digital world!


A successful event process requires a pro-active teamwork. Holacon allows your in-house and outsource systems work together systematically.


The events are rare processes where several different details are managed together. You can get final reports at the click of a button for every detail and follow the process simultaneously.

Proactive Event Management Software Now, your events are managed with Holacon in the digital platform and reduces the possibility of making a mistake to zero. It's easy to create a perfect experience with minimal effort. Holacon is on your PC and phone in all your processes of events.

Operation Management

Holacon allows you to easily manage and accomplish challenging and stressful operations with zero mistake. It automatizes your all operational processes and provides cost and time savings.

Registration Management

Registration management module allows you to organize your event registrations in a systematic and controlled manner. It displays the entire detailed process of your each participant right from the start you connect.

Accommodations & Transfers

Now, there is no need to keep accommodation lists in Excel and make long phone calls with hotels in every change. Accommodation Module allows you to perfectly and uneventfully organize the rooms of your participants.

Event Content & Marketing

You can easily create your event within minutes with Holacon Event Creation module and perform the event of marketing and sales of your event effectively.

Website & Mobile App

Holacon lets you create your custom website and mobile application instantly for each event. Access and interact with potential participants through the website and mobile application!

Integration & Reporting Service

Follow how you add value to your event and how you increase your key performance values owing to detailed statistics presented through the Dashboard!

There Are So Many Reasons to Use Holacon! Holacon has a rich content that includes all the functions that you may need from the planning stage to the operation and the final phase. Holacon don't forget the completed events, and archive them for you...
Engage With Your Attendees

Holacon offers you all the conveniences of technology and increases the interaction of your event with the mobile app. The Holacon App allows your participants to get an interactive experience, access to Networking facilities and become fully involved in your event. Result; memorable, unforgettable, proverbial events!

Up-To-Date Website & Mobile Application The Holacon mobile app and website help you to announce your event. The website which targeting high traffic with advanced SEO optimization, attracts thousands of people who interest and follow the events. The mobile application offers Networking opportunity providing networkers to communicate with each other. Business cards can be shared via mobile app, comments can be made to events and programs, and feedback can be left. Program flow can be followed up instantly with all the details. With gamification and survey applications, you can see the pulse of your participants at any time and make them an active part of the fiction.
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Your Event Mobile App is Now On the Air!
Once you have entered all the necessary information, your mobile app is ready in just a few clicks! And without an additional charge!
  • Announcements (Push Notifications & EMail)
  • Social Hubs
  • Real-time Messaging with Participants and Speakers
  • Attendee Search and Access
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Attendee Badge and Voucher Information
  • Invitation Requests and Event Registration
  • All Event Content
  • Event Agenda and Program Flow
  • Sponsors & Partners
  • Speakers
  • Live & Interactive Games (Coming Soon!)
  • Survey and Polling Features
  • Connection and Sharing Contact Information
  • Event Live Streaming ( Coming Soon)
Your Event Website is Now On the Air!
Special web site for your event is online! Moreover, you can customize, modify, add and revise at any time. All changes are taken broadcast instantly!
  • General Event Information
  • Sponsors and Partners
  • Detailed Program Flow
  • Event Speakers
  • Event Location and Venue Information
  • Event Participation Packages
  • Payment Infrastructure for Paid Events
  • Mobil App Redirection
  • Advanced SEO Infrastructure
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Resolution Compatible
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Receiving Participation Requests
  • Customizable Color Adjustment
  • Multiple Pages
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It's Easy to Use Holacon! Whether it's big or small events, Holacon offers exclusive solutions and pricing special for all of your event needs.
You can easily install the Holacon admin program in your computer just in 3 steps.
Identify your needs and get the most appropriate offer.
Create your account and complete your purchase with safely.
Start using by login the app now!
360 ° Event Management

All Features Designed with Predicting Your Needs

Thanks to Holacon , all of your event processes are managed in a strict follow-up and discipline. All transactions are organized according to their importance and priority. Achieve your event with the right steps and right planning.

Create Seating and Layout Plans
Organize Accommodation and Transfers
Organize Your Equipment and Teams
Send Voucher to All Attendees
Latest News & Developments in the Event Sector Up-to-date information on developments in the event industry, domestic and international seminars, congresses, summit and all other events, technological developments, innovations on Holacon Blog.

In the success of the Event Management, good planning, correct preliminary vision, a harmonious teamwork and proper use of resources are key elements. However, although you have a well-organized and planned event process, it is inevitable that you will face many unforeseen and sudden problems. The solution is to find a quick solution for the problems and take immediate action.

15 December Saturday


In 2018, we witnessed many innovative applications in the event industry and how technology is used in a creative way that people interact with brands. In 2019, it seems that a period of intense creativity and competition is waiting for us by using all the opportunities offered by technology. Access to technology is now very easy, all that remains is your creativity!

15 December Saturday